The Jadite or Jadeite name appeared commercially for dishes in the 1930's, mostly because it was durable, stylish and inexpensive.  It was such a low cost to produce there was even companies that gave away jadite dishes in cleaning products similar to the Duz laundry detergent dinnerware that was given away when I was a child.

Since jadeite dinnerware is relatively easy to find it makes it most sought after collectible.

The focus of this site is on jadeite dinnerware, especially dishes. I love the look and style of a dinner table laid out in jadeite dinnerware and really love it when I can find it at a terrific price.  And if something should happen to one of the more common plates a replacement is usually not too hard to match.

Great places to find real treasures of course is estate auctions depending on how much you have to purchase of the kitchenware to get the jadeite items.  Online auction sites are a great resource also.  Sometimes even the local Salvation Army or Goodwill stores are a great resource.

Other companies that produced jadeite dinnerware was the Jeanette Glass Company and Mckee.  The different companies employed different manufacturing processes which eventually would come under the jadeite dinnerware umbrella.

Other names like opalescent Jadeite that was first produced by Mckee was made by adding uranium or dioxide to the glass along with other chemicals.

If looking for Fire King here is a list of stamps that can be found:

1942 - 45 FIRE-KING in block letters
Mid to late 1950's OVEN Fire-King WARE MADE IN U.S.A. ("Fire-King" is written in script lettering) 1951-1960     ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King WARE MADE IN U.S.A. ("Fire-King" is written in script lettering)
1960 - late 1960's ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King DINNERWARE MADE IN U.S.A. ("Fire-King" is written in script  lettering)
late 1960's- early 1970's ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King OVEN-PROOF MADE IN U.S.A. ("Fire-King" is written in script lettering)
mid - late 1970's ANCHOR HOCKING OVEN Fire-King Suburbia OVEN-PROOF MADE IN U.S.A. ("Fire-King" is written in script       lettering)

A little history of Jadeite Tableware:

The Anchor Hocking company that eventually produced the hit dinnerware came into existence in 1905 and experienced the usual growing pains of start ups, even surviving a disastrous fire.  The game winner was a unique machine they brought online that could automatically press glass.  This happened just in time for the Great Depression.

When other dinnerware companies were having to lay people off the Anchor Hocking company started producing 90 pieces of blown glass per minute thus giving them a production advantage and the ability to stay in business.

As the company grew part, of it eventually merged with the Anchor Cap Company in 1937.  This is when the very popular line of Fire King came into existence a few years later. With the opaque green color Jadeite becoming the hit with consumers.

Well known lines were Alice, Restaurant Ware, and Charm.

Jadeite dishes can be a charming addition to any dinnerware collection and fun to collect.

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