Have you been bitten by the Fire King Jadeite collecting bug? It seems to be going around more lately and as a result prices are on the rise. If you don't believe me go into a nearby antique store and inquire on the pieces they have in stock.

And of course if you find one that speaks to you then the price may not be that important but lots of time you may find jadeite dinnerware can be found cheaper online.

Actually the term jadeite or jadeite dishes and other kitchen items cover a broad spectrum of manufactures offerings over the years. Basically Jadeite has come to represent the opaque green dinnerware.

Just about all the manufacturing on original jadeite dinnerware took place in the 30's- 40's and 1950 era. They could be found in industrial settings like restaurants and cafeterias and then you could find dinnerware that was made for the home.

You can have reproductions of the early pieces and then you can find pieces that were never in any of the lines offered by Anchor Hocking, Mckee and others. These pieces that were never in any of the lines are called fantasy pieces.

Here are 3 buying tips to keep in mind while shopping online for Fire King jadeite on such places as eBay.

  • Look or ask to if the piece is stamped with MBM lettering which means Martha by Mail which is the Martha Stewart reproductions and of course is recently made and offered through stores like Target.
  • A good way to spot remakes is how the molds affected the piece. The newer molds usually leave a footprint that is easy to spot like a seam or raised ridge in places the originals didn't have.
  • Just look at the feedback of the seller in the right hand corner of the auction page such as eBay. Former buyers will usually tell you how satisfied they are with their purchases.

Regardless how you find it, collecting jadeite kitchen table setting can be most enjoyable and easy on the pocketbook if you know what to look for.

Here's a couple I found online:

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I like this video on the Fire King bowls, good shots.

Video Transcript

for sale is for fire king jadeite nesting bowls easter mixing the two smaller balls have different stands for the larger two bowls please be aware that actually small balls are each mark differently large two or more of the same with 6-inch bowl marked oven fire king glass the swirls of course it's that typical wear loafers aged couple of simple scratches and scuffs 7-inch bowl is marked anchor hocking fireking we're making us a 14 and there's more where here reminds its and scratches or temples please make note of that inside the bowl and some more course scratches with white dots inside here little remark some on the outside rim good right there like a branch gold small mark 8-inch bowl is Mark oven fire king we're making us a 19 fireking here is a little bit faded not bad and there's some discoloration right here like a brown marks get in the video right here and right here inside the bubble more the same small where some more white dot here and there and the non-image bowl more like the other one was even fire king where main USA but there's something a spot here in a spot right here i'll describe if these bowls had skin like one layer is missing and was glazed over that goes on about the factory I can't promise that dough but it's hardly noticeable but it is not perfect spot right there to the most beautiful color to him inside you know it's more where these bullets here were bought from a farm estate couple months ago about me and the bolts nine eight seven and six inch nesting bowls thank you


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