Even know fire king was originally made to withstand being in the oven before taking to the table. No one that I know actually does this with collectible pieces. It is amazing how a piece that was once a low priced, massed produced item is such a hit with collectors today. Mainly because of so many choices available and complete sets can be still be found without breaking the bank.

And all the stories that are behind some pieces are delightful. Like the cheater mugs that are popular in restaurant ware. The thick rim coffee cups enabled an eating establishment to save on an ounce of coffee. Which may not seem like much but some of these restaurants were huge and this could be a dramatic savings over time.

Whether using a pattern like Alice or Jane Ray the trick seems to be finding these collectibles in good condition. Ones that were not subjected to years of use or dishwashers, etc. And some were only offered for a short time.

Like many early pieces in any collection, sometimes the boxes they were shipped in are worth as much as the plates. In fact I know someone that collects model trains and occasionally the boxes the trains came in are worth more than the train piece. This is usually because this is the first thing discarded after the shipment or purchase. But be on the look out, it's always an added bonus. In some rare case that you find a collection that has the original boxes or printed material, ask the shipper to take as much care in preparing for shipment as they take for your dinnerware.

The intriguing thing for me with fireking jadite is there is so much of it yet undiscovered. Even know the prices lately are up, there’s still a lot of these pieces sitting in attics, on shelves and so on and sometimes someone has forgot they are there or don’t know their real value to collectors.

If you think about it there are places like churches where pieces can be found, sometimes in large quantities. This would make an excellent way for the church to make money in selling to a collector. So if you think about it there are still lots of places where you may find a treasure.

Now some people will say the bottom is about to drop out of for instance jadeite dishes. Well this could be but I have seen where Fire King collecting is catching on in other countries. Just like a lot of other USA made collectibles, these can become a rage in Canada, Japan, anywhere really.

In a totally unrelated collection field such as musical instruments, I’ve seen with my own eyes Japanese collectors buying up hard to find instruments regardless of condition even know they could get an imitation at a fraction of the cost in their own country. They understood that it was only going up in price and they were very aggressive in their searching and buying. Now with international marketplaces like eBay commonplace, it’s very easy for a collection piece to be in demand worldwide, not just in the US.

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